Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today our condo association received a mailing from "The Official Department of Pest Control Solutions" about "The Florida Whitefly Crisis." The one-page letter on what looked like the official letterhead of a State of Florida agency tells about the Whitefly invasion and treatments for it. It goes on to say at the end: "To schedule an onsite inspection and a limited free treatment please call 888-257-5066."

Our association has been aware of the Whitefly invasion and that it attacks ficus plants and trees. Fortunately, in order to prevent the roots of our ficuses from getting into our waste water pipes, we had all our ficus hedges, except for those surrounding our dumpster, replaced with coco plum hedges several years ago.

The letter has an official-looking seal in the upper left corner that has a picture of a tree and reads “The Official Department of Pest Control Solutions.” I’m guessing this is just the name of a private company pretending to be a state agency. They may be a very good company for all I know, but without my knowing more they would not get my business. I don’t like doing business with companies that pretend to be something they are not. Does anyone know anything more about them? I haven’t bothered to call them.

(SOMEONE besides Elaineb needs to post on this blog!) 
Your Blogmeister Replies:

If you plug this name into the Florida Sunbiz Site, you immediately discover that this is indeed a private for profit company, with no relation to Florida Government:


Detail by Entity Name

Filing Information
Principal Address
Mailing Address
Registered Agent Name & AddressBARTEAU, SOMPORN
Officer/Director DetailName & Address

Title P

Annual Reports
No Annual Reports Filed


Another Budget Vote, Another Del Assembly

A small group (yeah, them again) would have you believe that the Delegate Assembly Oct 4th voted against the UCO Budget because they were against WiFi. Nonsense, the majority are for WiFi, but we have many factions and agendas.
Some voted against the Budget because:
  • They believed Treasurer became illegal when she moved out of CV
  • They wanted $1 for PRPC (golf)
  • They want to show President they have power (yeah, them again)
  • They are suing UCO
  • The Treasurer voted against her own budget
  • $2 was not enough for WiFi
  • $2 was too much for WiFi
  • They were confused by WiFi
  • The motion was introduced too rapidly

Any ideas to move us ahead?  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Most Difficult Problems

Some of our most difficult problems are with seniors who are not able to fully care for themselves from aging alone or having been dumped into condos by family members. I found these concise guidelines helpful when beginning to worry about neighbors. ElaineB

Partnership for Aging (PFA) has provided us with some general guidelines and suggestions. However, each case should be evaluated individually.
Here are some basic categories of impairment and concern to consider from severe to mild:

1. Time for 911 Call
A person in imminent danger, for example bleeding, wandering confused outside, wielding a weapon or starving generally would require a 911 call.

2. One More Day - Serious Consequences
An adult protective report to DCF may be necessary if a person has been declining and the issues have gone from bad to worse. Falling on a regular basis, no access to medication with resulting poor health, burning food, lack of nutrition or hygiene are reasons to make a report. They are the kinds of things where, if they were to continue one more day or one more week, there might be serious or grave consequences. The telephone/hotline number is 1-800-962- 2873. Reports can be done online at and there is also a fax form http:// You are reporting self neglect, or if there is a caregiver who is negligent you are reporting neglect.

3. Helpless
A person who seems unable to prepare food, unable to remember to turn off a stove, whose hygiene is poor, who appears unable to shop or manage money or medication (these are called ADLs activities of daily living) might be headed towards self­-neglect. Worse would be if the person is unable to bathe or dress. If it is a temporary issue, because of a recent hospital discharge,or something that is new, you can reach out to Elder Crisis Outreach at 561-533-1060.

4. Variable Failings
A person who has good days and bad days, who is generally alert and oriented but about whom you are worried that he or she might fall getting in and out of the tub, or who can prepare meals but doesn't clean up after, or who is homebound and frail, or who cannot do chores or manage his or her checkbook, might be able to stay at home with assistance. The Aging Resource Center is the place to call 561-684-5885.

Remember, these are guidelines and each person has a different situation but there are resources.
Feel free to consult with PFA through Facebook (Partnership for Aging), via email or by coming to a monthly meeting. They meet the second Friday of each month at the Lake Worth Senior Center at 9 AM for an hour. Or you can contact PFA President- John Dalton at 954-336-4086.
Thank You for info from Pam Wiener, Ph.D. Board Member, PBC Partnership for Aging

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vocal Negativity in Margate sounds like CV

In Margate, FL a Commissioner had to ask the public if disrespect and negativity reflect their point of view and if they 'wish to support the disrespect' or 'support respect in a positive way and want to move Margate forward.' 
He asked - Is it the way the majority thinks or is it just a vocal minority. Negativity has transformed into disrespect, insults and abuse. Negativity is such an easy tool to use and hold onto, and it seems to be the hammer that some people like to use.

We have 'Freedom of Speech' and many will loudly state 'I know my rights', but 'do you know your responsibilities'.

New Ideas are Wonderful

New ideas are wonderful, but, please send them first to UCO and to the appropriate committee.

The Delegate Assembly is NOT the place to study new and complex ideas, they have probably been tried before and need some specific review and discussion.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog for Candidates

Officers and Executive candidates are welcome to show their stuff on this Blog.
Capability for analysis, communication and computer skills are something all candidates for UCO should aspire to. + Manners, morals, intelligence, and a desire to serve all the residents of course.
Not welcome are: Unproductive, name-callers, haters, and misinformation spreaders.

If you are not already an author, please send your request to This BLOG allows no anonymous entries, so include your name, address and phone number; which of course, will be held in confidence. Those who actually Post & Comment will be invited to do so on both Parts 1 & 2.

Antidote to Toxic Meetings 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Check it out.

I would've reposted what I wrote on my blog, but it is just a little too long, so feel free to check it out. It is my response to some of the things said.

One-Woman Art Show: Connie Kurtz

Sunday, October 27, 2013
2800 Tennis Club Drive, West Palm Beach, F
Located on Haverhill between Okeechobee and Community Dr.

Another Extraordinary Volunteer

This is a follow-on from Ed Black's statement on Blog Part1
Glad you spoke up Ed, you are an easy target for jealous mudslingers because you are so quiet.
People have no idea how much work you do, so I will list a few of your efforts I have noticed.  In every case you have also trained, advised, done plain old work, repaired and $ saved.
Ed is Chair of Security, also catches daily Security issues/headaches.
Ed has done bulk of work on Channel 63 for many years.
Ed led Investigations until recently, still takes the difficult questions and works closely with Claudette.
Ed advises on all Association questions.
Ed improves productivity by staying on top of the 41 computers at UCO and the UCO Reporter, lots of advice and repair.
Ed is the first called when lightning or gremlins attack the guard house computers and gate arm systems. He goes out in storms at midnight to restart systems and save us from often waiting for service people to arrive. (Try that mud slinging malcontents)
I like your business decisions that saved us on ambulance service (by negotiating that we could be self-insured) also paving, of course, it was the right business decision. It takes talent to look ahead.
Ed catches jobs when others resign, quit in a snit, or are ill. Treasurer, Channel 63, Investigations.
One last snapshot from a few years ago. "Ed up to his knees in hurricane flood water, standing on the West Drive directing traffic and clearing drains."

We thank you and apologize that you have to put up with revolting anonymous libel from those who would never do actual work for the village.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Independent Sector's Value of Volunteer Time

Their estimate helps acknowledge the millions of individuals who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. Florida is estimated at $18.85 per hour. 
But look at our own Pat Sealander, a knowledgeable and skilled volunteer who has replaced the UCO Executive Secretary for the past 1 1/2 years. How much has she directly saved our budget? so far approx $40,000. That is marvellous and considering that she works for 'el exigente' who could wear out anyone, tah dah! 
Thanks to all UCO volunteers and thank you Pat Sealander, President's Administrator, in the back room.

Hello Wiggins

Remember when Ron Wiggins lived in CV. 
He is at the PB Green Market every Saturday.
His latest book looks like just the thing for every snowbird or newbie to FL.
Exploring Florida's beauty and curiosities with humor. 52 Florida Adventures.

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Name this Dish

A recipe you will not find in the UCO Reporter!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

LCAM Weekly Activity Report

From Dave IFI: "Our new LCAM Ted Herrle is writing a Weekly Activity Report for the Officers of UCO. I thought you all might find them interesting and informative. Please advise pro or con on these reports."

I am enjoying the CAM reports very much. People often say we need professional management. We have it with CAM Ted Herrle.
Clearly he puts the needs of the residents and the value of our property first. He is crunching through all the jobs and problems that accumulated in the no-CAM-Summer. Particularly impressive is the thorough job he (and Dom) did on the plan for the Plymouth laundry. It has been a political football for far too long. Now they have a practical commercial plan everything from rugged machines to paint. The residents have suffered long enough. It should be moved along as soon as possible, I do not know why it was not presented at the Officers Meeting.

Professional, sensible, practical, efficient, commercial, $saving, go Ted. Good for all 7,854.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Discover Great E Books Online for Free

Want to read fiction without ever paying a cent or trekking to the library? Want to do so legally? Then you’re in luck! In the past decade, a lot of websites have popped up that offer you, the reader, a chance to read a wide selection of fiction without putting your wallet on the line.
If you want to find free stories to read in a variety of formats, Smashwords is my first choice.
The best part of Smashwords is that a lot of authors put up stories for free. These stories range in length from poems to short stories to full blown novels, and you can choose which format to download them in. Yet even for the paid stories, most authors allow you to read a preview of the story (usually the first 10%) before you have to commit to a purchase.

Friday WiFi Meeting

Sounds as if it is FULL already, see Blog Part 1 for details. 

This is a briefing by Lawrence Dambra on our Wi-Fi project RFP and proposals.
Our contract with Mr. Dambra calls for this briefing to be delivered to no more than 25 persons.
This restriction on audience size means that Wi-Fi and Bid Committee members will be seated first.
Dave Israel

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Clubhouse Paint

Greenish is new, other is previous paint and samples.
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To Post, or Not To Post...

The people that complained about not being able to post have really shown their true colors. Now they have the opportunity to do so, but they do not. Why? Is it because the chance for you to complain about not being able to post has been removed? NOW that you can post, you have nothing to say?
Post. Have your say. oh, wait.... you consider this "Dave's Blog". And we all know, if Dave's name is associated with anything, you automatically hate it and want nothing to do with it.
Put the hate aside and move forward.

Monday, October 21, 2013

DBPR Closes Complaint

A 120 page complaint signed and filed by unit owner Myron Solomon, against former UCO LCAM Rodger Carver; has been closed by the Division of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).-

DBPR closed the complaint "without a finding of probable cause to believe you violated the provisions of Chapter 468, Part VIII, Florida Statutes, and/or the rules promulgated pursuant thereto"

I'm sure Mr Solomon will apologize to Rodger Carver for this attack on his reputation and livelihood.  Mr Solomon may have also damaged the reputation of Century Village WPB in the eyes of Florida LCAMs.  Condo and HOA professionals are a close group as I saw at the Condo Expo last Week.

This excerpt from my blog needs to be out there....

An excerpt from my blog....

How can she call for Joy Vestal's resignation from office, when she has done nothing to warrant such action. She lives in the village year round and doesn't have her summer home a mile up the road. 
She did not sell her condo to buy somewhere else with her boyfriend. She didn't have her boyfriend put her name on his property, then a month later take it off. Only to put it back on almost five months later. Joy does her job as editor with integrity. Look that word up Olga and friends. 
As an officer, she votes as she feels she needs to for the sake of the village. 

They call for Joy's resignation but want to keep Dorothy Tetro in office. Does not make any sense. Joy did not violate any bylaw, Dorothy did. I have repeatedly pointed out the facts right on the Internet site for the county. It is right there. Tetro did not own property in century village at all for over four months. Now if you take away the first four months of the year, there is absolutely no way you can squeeze the nine months required for residency into this year....fact!

The malcontents can say what they want, but they are just that, malcontents. As long as any idea has Israel's signature on the bottom, they will consider it a bad idea. Thank God Dave didn't invent penicillin or the cure for polio.  

I have been called some nasty things on her blog. I have been call a racist, an a..hole, and a few other choice words, well at times I may be an a..hole, especially when the ignorance some of these people spread is just because of their hate of one person, it's just ridiculous. As for me being a racist, that is totally laughable, only showing the ignorance of the ones making the statement. They don't know me, and I challenge anyone to prove it. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nostalgic for UpNorth

Photos from Boston yesterday. Click to enlarge

Feel Younger

Just keep looking at Keith and Mick, photos July 2013

Got Grandchild in University

Students Can Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free
Starting on December 1st, Universities that license Office Education for their faculty and staff can offer students Office 365 ProPlus for free thanks to a new program called Student Advantage. For students at these institutions, that means free access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Lync.
Microsoft’s stated goal is to better prepare students for a workforce in which Office plays a very central role. In a study by Microsoft and the IDC, they found that proficiency in Microsoft Office was the third most sought after skill in high-paying jobs.
Over 35,000 institutions are already automatically eligible for Student Advantage.

Thanks to Justin Dennis 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Condo Expo Report

I saw about a dozen CVers learning about the latest methods and services at the Expo today. The seminars were excellent and did not talk down to us, in fact I may have an Engineering degree in concrete now. They were CAM credit courses so that explains that. There were over 100 exhibitors putting on their very best, it was not just all the bowls of chocolate and free mimosas. There is a management company that provides a concierge 24/7, phrases like white glove service, and unsurpassed lifestyle services appeared in glossy flyers. I was able to get the scoop on what goes on in our lakes from Aquatic Systems (without going to an Operations meeting). Everyone was extremely helpful. Lots of paving, restoration, roofing, LED lighting, landscaping, management, insurance, lawyers, WiMax! I will leave a few programs at the UCO lobby just for the useful lists of contractors.
.. and among all these people making the effort to be more productive, no sign of our malcontents.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Paulette Burdick Town Hall Meetings

Dear Friends, 
I will be holding two Town Hall Meetings next week.
 Please join me on:
 Monday, October 21st from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
South Olive Recreation Center, 345 Summa Street, S of Forest Hill
Tuesday, October 22nd from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Palm Beach County Vista Center
2300 N Jog Road (just north of Okeechobee on the east side of Jog) WPB

We will be discussing many items of importance and it will be your opportunity to ask questions and/or make suggestions. I hope I see you then.
Paulette Burdick
County Commissioner, District Two  

REAL Talent & Experience C'mon Down

Search/Nominations Committee Notice
It's that time of the year again when the bios for members of the UCO board should be coming in. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording and Corresponding Secretary and 10 executive board members are open for renewal. To be an officer of the UCO board one must be domiciled in Century Village for nine months each year and be a member in good standing of UCO. To be on the executive committee one must follow the same conditions as an officer and, in addition, agree to serve on two committees.
Following is the format as to how the bio should be written:
Name, address, phone number, email address and the position for which you are running.
Work experience
UCO and CV experience.
It's never too early to send your bio to me at Within a couple of days, you will receive an acknowledgment and then it will be forwarded to the UCO REPORTER. If you have any questions, call me at 561 712 0259 leaving a message as to why you called and, of course, your name and return number. Please make those calls between 9:00am and 5:00pm. When a final date for sending bios is determined, we will let everyone know.
There has been much praise and some negativity as to what goes on inside the gates of Century Village. YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD, BUT WHERE ARE YOU????? Now is the time for you to RUN FOR THE BOARD..It does not matter if you are satisfied with what is being done in the Village or if you disagree with what is happening. RUN FOR THE BOARD.
It's amazing how satisfied and enriched you will feel helping Century Village owners and renters while working at UCO with your friends and neighbors. You will meet and get acquainted with new friends and neighbors. TRY IT. YOU'LL LIKE IT AND RUN FOR THE BOARD.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Delegate Alternates

If all possible Alternates for one association are out-of-town for next Assembly, can someone from another Association be named an alternate?

Saturday, October 12, 2013


1) First call or Email the ID office to get your secret code.
2) Then go to and click on purchase ticket tab.
Dave Israel

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hi all,
In a marathon session of the Finance Committee, Officers Committee and Executive Board, a draft budget for 2014 has been passed. The Officers Committee vote was tie, but nonetheless the draft budget now rolls forward to the Delegate Assembly for approval.
According to our Attorney, Rod Tennyson, these combined actions meet the burden of "presenting a budget in October"; and the Delegate Assembly has until December to approve the budget.
One Resident promised that if the Wi-Fi line was not removed from the budget, the budget would be rejected! neither the Finance Committee nor the Executive Board was intimidated. Additionally, if the budget is not passed by the final Delegate meeting in December; then we simply continue with the last Delegate Assembly approved budget, namely the 2013 budget.
These opinions alleviate the crisis atmosphere and the need for non-scheduled Delegate Assembly meetings and the possibility of lack-of-quorum that such a meeting might bring.
I feel that the later this vote is taken, the presence of more Seasonal Residents will improve the probability of success of this budget and Wi-Fi.
So, we will present this budget to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Delegate Assembly on 1 November 2013.
See you all then!
Dave Israel

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Duck Proofed

Maybe a good spot for a little meditation, or dancing, or tic tac toe. Hastings motion pool.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PB Condo & HOA Expo

Many vendors and seminars from Board Certification Course to Understanding Hot Mix Asphalt

Century Village Is Winning the Race to the Bottom

Today's meetings of Bid Cmte and Finance Cmte demonstrated a deep lack of understanding of RFPs, proposals, contracts, pricing, technology and WiFi. Someone commented CV has a bad record when it comes to handling major projects. I think they have a point especially when these committees delay and impose their demands on experts. Watch the price rise as a result.
The Finance Cmte did not try to find savings in the budget but targeted only WiFi, eventually passing the inclusion of a $2 line for WiFi in the budget.
Olga announced that she would not let the budget pass unless the $2 was removed.

We have the option of going to more meetings to comment only, that is up to you. The way your representatives change their votes, anything could happen. Would be nice if they listened to the majority and considered investing in the future of the village.

Three'Fer Meetings

Help the Budget and WiFi on their way to passing.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Repost from Bob's Blog and then some...

Delegate Assembly 10-4-2013 Comments - "DEFINE LIVE" Clip

Here are the facts, plain and simple.

Just a few notes on the picture above: from the Property Appraisers website.
1. note the location address. 201 Oxford 100
2. note the owners. Edwardo Ross and Dorothy Mills Tetro
3. and this is important, mailing address. 5298 Tiffany Anne Cir
    a. I know there is no Tiffany Anne Cir in Century Village. so, she LIVES in Tiffany Anne Cir. hmmm and it's the same zip code....
4. under sales information, take note that in Nov-2012 Dorothy was added to the property.
5. same property a month later, Dec 2012, Dorothy was removed from the property.
6. same property, Apr 2013, oops, let's get Dorothy back on the deed or she won't be eligible for office. Hint: you have to be domiciled, in other words, LIVE in Century Village to be eligible.

What is so hard to understand? Why would someone allegedly look for a rental here in Century Village if they already live here? sound suspicious? Does to me!
Maybe we should always elect people that want to PAY for the privilege of being in office at UCO.
Or does that sound suspicious too?

This is originally posted on my Blog, but the facts are right there! After being asked directly by Barbara Cornish on where she lives, Dorothy smugly replied "define Live".  C'mon Dorothy, stop with the LIES, and deception. Where do you sleep every night?, where do you make your dinners whenever you aren't dining out? Where are you holding you little parties with your pals? You are making a mockery of Century Village. RESIGN. YOU DON'T LIVE IN CENTURY VILLAGE. CYPRESS LAKES must not want you running for any office there, so you are trying every trick in the book to keep office here. I would rather see Ed Grossman be the treasurer than you. He may be a hypocritical  pain, but at least he lives here. 
If the people of century village can't see the writing on the wall, then they have themselves to blame when the village goes to pot. WAKE UP PEOPLE, Don't let someone that laughs at the by-laws that were in place get away with it. ALL OFFICERS, Executive Board Members and DELEGATES need to read what is right in the County Appraisers website. the proof is right there. If you plan on serving the people of Century Village, you MUST look it up. 
Stop listening to the people that want to destroy this village. the olgas, the jerrys, the edwardos, etc.

ODE TO SADIE (well, actually a limerick)

An affectionate dog name of Sadie
Was considered to be quite a lady,
Till we found what ‘twas like
When she rode on Bob’s bike,
And had for herself quite a heyday!


At this time we are pleased to announce, Jack Kasden, " Mr. Karaoke" will be providing the Musical Entertainment for our Dining & Dancing pleasure, THANKSGIVING DAY,
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28th ( he was able to cancel his prior commitment )
2 to 4pm ONLY.  
SOCIAL VILLAGE SENIORS -  Bettie Lee Bleckman, Publicity Director.


Some Delegates say they need more info on WiFi.
I am not a member of the cmte but I still personally received:
Minutes of all WiFi meetings on IFFI
Chart of bid comparison from joint Bid WiFi meeting
4 1/2 hours meeting with vendors.
2 hefty proposals full of info from vendors
Q&A on the Blog
WiFi in the Clubhouse
Discussions in Officer, Executive, Bid and WiFi committees
Several articles in the UCO Reporter + a full front page this month.
Members of Bid and WiFi cmtes went to inspect the WiFi system in operation in Boca.
Our WiFi is a work in progress:
A highly qualified WiFi expert is being hired at $1K to review the proposals we have received, I believe contingent on if we have the money for this.
*And we have the most qualified techno-wiz President of UCO who understands every aspect of our WiFi and is glad to explain it to anyone who asks.
There is probably even more than I received, at least 3 months of info.

What exactly more info do people need! or do they just want to hurt the Village!
C'mon Village don't be afraid, even if you do not understand now, you will be proud of WiFi by next year.

Want to feel more active

Want to feel more active - with fine action photography, go to Zapatou channel on Utube or try this one several lifetimes of stunts, a few crashes at the end. Faster, faster.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


But not in Century Village.
See you at Delegate Assembly on Friday to approve our budget.


Please join us for an elegant opening of the 19th season:
The West Palm Beach GreenMarket
Saturday, October 5, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on the West Palm Beach Waterfront
Performance by the Miami Six Orchestra from 9:00-11:00 am
Enjoy a free offering from participating vendors while supplies last
Mimosas available for purchase
Parking is FREE in the Banyan and Evernia garages during Market hours
For more information: 561/822.1515 or