Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Funny

Friday Invitation

Someone thinks I write a lot - I am keeping the Blog Part 2 open. 
Welcome all candidates and others who have a good point to make. 
Register and write.

Note: for health reasons I do not read the MyVillage blog

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Deja Vue All Over Again

Were Esther's questions for Dave at the Forum familiar? Yes, they were those vague, general and untrue accusations from the Dave Recall effort, 2012-13, do you remember it was defeated - Retain in Office as UCO President:158, To remove from Office:1, Abstentions:3.
Yes, Mr. Jerry Karpf, Mr. Myron Solomon, and Mr. Ed Grossmans' accusations all over again, those questions were answered thoroughly and completely last year. But if you want more law suits and you have Esther and Olga's blog to invent and embellish your story let's harass Dave and take time and energy away from his work. I think these hostile, angry people have now convinced us that they will never contribute anything to the betterment of the Village. They only put energy and effort into negative campaigns. What a waste these people are and what an expense for the Village. 
Note: for health reasons I do not read the MyVillage malcontent blog

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello David
A little humor to take away the stress of the "Candidates Forum" 
today at the club house.  

Good Luck,  for your upcoming Presidential Election.
 I know I won't make the, Executive Board, because I am a little too unknown, and more importantly,
Like you told Esther, ( at the question and answer segment today) 

                                       LACKING EXPERIENCE

Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Frank Leggio

Take the Village BACK to ???

people who are obviously addicted to lawsuits against all of us!
Thx Don, could not say it better, see Law Suit on Part 1 Blog

"Five Million Dollars. Fantastic. More legal bills, to be shared by every CV Homeowner.
I noticed today that the opposition group has finally published their complete "slate", with Executive Board candidate endorsements. With one or possibly two exceptions, every person on this list is a Dave Israel hater, WiFi opponent, UCO lawsuit plaintiff, or rejected former UCO operatives tossed out on their asses in previous elections for being inveterate troublemakers. I have no doubt that most of these people support this new lawsuit.
I urge all Delegates to reject this "slate" in it's entirety, and to pay special attention to the malcontent candidates for Executive Board. These people, if elected, will work to obstruct every project and initiative undertaken by the next Israel Administration, just out of pure spite.
Get out the broom. Make a clean sweep."

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blogspot Limits etc.

Re Richland blog comments in the UCO Reporter. 
1.  There are 3 main blogs in the village, all use Blogspot format with a limit of 100 authors. Our Village Blog reached its limit of 100, therefore we opened Our Village Part 2, this is thoroughly explained on the sidebar of Part 1. (It is not wilfully limited by Mr. Israel.) The third blog MyVillageBlogger has one or two authors + some anonymous, it is censored and sensible comments are not accepted.
2.  I do not think it is a cold war when only one side is mudslinging, name calling, bullying, inventing scandals!  Dave Israel and UCO workers are refusing to be drawn in and continue to work every day to create a common good.
3.  And, WPRF has not changed their rules for campaigning in public areas. Thx for Eva's response in the Feb UCO Reporter.
4.  And, Candidates can campaign at any meeting where they ask and are given permission by the leader of the event.  
Additional info removed, less aggravation.

People Nowadays

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Idea for Next Fun Run

Color Vibe Run in WPB this morning, Habitat for Humanity got approx $50 for each entrant. Good going. My nose feels funny.
Thousands of people, the racers went off in waves, still going thru the start after an hour or more. 
They all would want you to vote for Dave so CV will be in good shape in years to come.

Click on photo to enlarge and count people!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Direct Mail

Would you buy something from an infomercial with a good demonstration, maybe once!

Would you buy something from direct mail, with vague promises and no background detail or demo! NO WAY

That is what Esther wants you to do, do not vote for a zero person. Those mailings look like a scam to me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camden Pool Gate

After many variations on the gate ate the Camden Pool, they finally have a gate that works well, that is until some jerk decides he doesn't like the way it opens and tries to break the gate. When approached as he is banging the gate trying to break it, he comes out with cussing and jerking off motions. REAL CLASS.
Hey tough guy, Break the gate, get the bill.
It took a long time to get the gates to work properly, various changes made until there was a good gate that will open out without damaging the gate from people opening it the wrong way. The gates are required by the state to keep people safe. mostly for little people otherwise known as children. If you break the gate, you take the chance of the state possibly coming in and closing the pool, and that would only inconvenience all the other residents. All because some idiot doesn't like the way the gate works. He's a suggestion, learn how to open and close a gate. If you aren't intelligent enough, ask a neighbor to give you a hand. Don't act like a lunatic trying to break it, and try acting like an adult, not some tough punk teen. That can only get you results you may not like.


The final slate for the UCO election in March has been published in this BLOG, A synopsis of my work has also been published - now a few issues arise.
I am going to ask you, Delegates all, to return me to Office, I ask this in consideration of four years of solid accomplishments, and promise of more results to come.
A key request, is to elect a slate of Officers and Executive Board members who will work with me as President to bring great accomplishments to our Village. Following is my slate of nominees that I would like you to elect to office; in short they have my full endorsement.

 David Israel
     Robert Marshall,
Joy Vestal
   Pat Sealander

     Phyllis Siegelman

  Howard O'Brien

     Roberta Boehm-Fromkin,  Ruth Bernhard-Dreiss,   Ken Davis,  George Franklin, David Givens,  Dominic Guarnagia,  Antoinette Salometo,  David Saxon, Lori Torres, Jean Komis.
Vote in these folks who come to office to serve, not in opportunistic search of power. It is clear, that Ms. Sutofsky is attempting to pack the Executive Board with obstructive people in order to prevent any forward movement on my programs. Don't let her succeed in this plan.
Finally, who should not be elected under any circumstances, and why:
1) Esther Sutofsky..... No Experience on Committees or any other organ of UCO Government. Zero record of service to our Village, an opportunist seeking power, not service.
2) Jerry Karpf..... Jerry is suing UCO, seeking your Email addresses and $392,000.00 dollars. why would you vote for someone who is suing you??
3) Ed Grossman..... Principally known for disrupting our Delegate Assembly meetings and other meetings.  Ed has no record of service to our Village, only a record of disruption. Why would anyone nominate such a person, or vote for him.??
4) Olga Wolkenstein..... Like Mr. Grossman, Olga is famous for disruption of the Delegate Assembly and other UCO meetings. In my opinion, she would be naught but a disruptive presence in UCO. She also has no significant record of service to our Village.
Dave Israel



SATURDAY FEB 22nd. 8:00 AM  -  2:00 PM  


Sorry, no rain date




For further Information, Sharon 561-246-1445








Sunday, February 16, 2014

Palm Beach County Pet Regulations

All PB County dogs and cats who live here and -
"Dogs and cats must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies within 30 days of moving to Palm Beach County. Licenses are available from most veterinarians and the Animal Care & Control Division, 7100 Belvedere Road, in West Palm Beach. The fees for license tags are $33 for non-sterilized pets and $12 for a spayed/neutered pet. Senior citizens receive a 25 percent discount. All dogs and non-sterilized cats must be confined to the owners property or leashed. For more information call 233-1200. Or visit us on our website at

or e-mail at:  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

There's something bad in the neighborhood

There are ranting emotional mailings going around.
It is just egos having temper tantrums. They are saying anything and claiming anything. What have these people done for us lately - NOTHING. What did they do in the past - caused a lot of damage to the village. Now they think if they talk really fast they can rewrite their miserable histories.

When you look and listen - If it's just noise and anger wrapped in high falutin' principals, but with no productive ideas, we don't need it. UCO is doing a fine job taking care of business and taking care of the Village. Its time for the established residents to let the newer people know the truth of this and not be confused by tantrums.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Dave Israel <3 Century Village

The do-nothing Stooges accused Dave Israel of being reckless - how ridiculous. Dave researches everything, licenses, insurance, prices, law, reviews entire industries. He is meticulous and perfectionist, he brings in legal opinions and accounting audits and engineering studies and reviews. He also protects us against scammers and cheats. This is just the way he is. If you have ever been on a Dave project committee you will work your socks off.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome Scammers 1

Once upon a time (4+ yrs ago) we had an administration based on closed meetings, misguided loyalty, quid pro quo, very little published info, delayed warnings about bad decisions.
Since then UCO has worked hard on a new level of tight professional vigilance, technology, adherence to the law and bylaws, including Sunshine laws.
Now there is a group that values the old way, they even support people who are suing all of us in the village (lawsuits for fun and profit?). They think they can break any regulations.
We've seen this movie before.... This will make us ripe for plucking again.
Welcome scammers  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Phony Scandals

Obama said "Fox creates endless phony scandals about the White House" we know how you feel Obama. 
The malcontents copy the worst of national politics methods, mudslinging hoping something sticks no matter how wildly inaccurate. Misinformation labelled 'Scandals' . Then they have a band of blockers to stop everything the President wants to do. 
Does the village want to go backwards because of a few mean-spirited egos.

Friday, February 7, 2014


SATURDAY FEB 8th. 9:00 AM  -  2:00 PM  


RAIN DATE: Sunday Feb 9th.


Windsor Q


Close to Okeechobee entrance


Same street as Camden Pool






Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lost Opportunity thanks to Stupidity and Prejudice.

The upcoming 5K run has lost a great opportunity to really make a difference, all thanks to a few closed minded people. I am speaking of an association that I am personally involved with that was originally invited to participate and was later asked not to.
I am Speaking of The Combat Veterans Association. We were originally asked to take lead on this run. Our groups mission is Vets Helping Vets. We will do various things like riding our motorcycles in support of Veterans causes. Raising money to help Vets and their families and providing assistance when needed.
A good example would be a vet we call Spence. He had a horrific accident vs. a semi. He was in a coma, awoke and when ready to go home, we assisted in making his home handicap accessible, assisted his family to put up Christmas decorations for his homecoming, got him a hospital bed and escorted his homecoming.
We are currently raising money to assist with his medical bills, gave him an electric wheelchair. The latter coming out of my own pocket.
In shunning this fine organization, the run lost out on as much as a thousand dollars in donations.
Shame to you closed and little minded people that didn't want motorcycles or as I heard it put, "a motorcycle gang" involved in such a good cause.
The Combat Veterans Association is a legitimate not for profit group of Veterans and their families that HELP Vets. I am disgusted at this and although I do not blame it's organizers nor WPRF, I have asked to be removed from the assignment of photographing and writing the story for the Reporter and was initially denied. The story has been reassigned now, and now I choose to completely boycott the event. It is shameful that this is an event for Vets, and Vets were left out because of a few ignorant BIG MOUTHS.
My apologies to it's organizers as this is not meant to be a reflection of their fine work, but for me, I choose to remain distant from the stupidity and prejudice of the naysayers. Good luck.

Spence's Homecoming 5-6 months after his accident just in time for Christmas.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Century Village Quarterback

Talents of Dave Israel:
Communication - sunshine laws plus email
Competitive - hardest worker ever
Experience and expert knowledge of rules
Vision to make a community that is financially strong, modern, affordable, and safe
Working on 3 brand new plays to save us big money
Super intelligent


Dog Lover

It is Century Village policy to not allow dogs, except for companion animals approved by doctors. Here's another reason to revisit the "no dogs aloud" policy: They can be trained to smell cancer based on their master's breath.
posted by request

Sunday, February 2, 2014

in passing.

The man I considered my step-father, Joseph Barrios Sr. passed away 1st February. A kind and generous soul. He had been ill for some time, but had only recently took a turn for the worst and was admitted to Good Sam. He went to SICU a couple days later then to Hospice a few days after that.
When the VA would only offer large breeds for my service dog, Joseph went with me and picked Sadie, my miniature schnauzer as my service dog and she went into training a couple months later.
Sadie, who turned two today, stayed by his side until he passed.

UCO Reporter Deliveries

Have you received your copies of the Feb UCO Reporter, as of Friday I know several associations that have not. Call your management company if you do not have copies, this is an important Issue. Do not miss the President's State of the Village on pA3.
It shows that 4 years of Dave Israel's patience and steadfast integrity have resulted in congenial, cooperative and productive business relationships with WPRF's Mark Levy and Eva Rachesky, County Government, and law enforcement.
Do you remember those who are spewing hate at Dave now - used to spew and sue the Levys. Got us nowhere and cost us a bunch. Remember.
Endless adversarial beatings are not a management technique for paradise.

Saturday, February 1, 2014