Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make America sick again!

Everyday, 'What fresh hell is this!'
The government just said to hell with Native Americans, Veterans, Women and the Poor.
Announced that DAPL will go forward - oil profits more important the clean water for native Americans.
Announced that Medicaid will move to Federal $ block grants to the states, forcing states to choose who is going to get medical services within the poor population - drug addicted or preemie infant Vs breast cancer woman Vs heart attack victim. What kind of new hell indeed.
Put a hiring freeze on all government agencies except the military. Badly run corporations do this all the time, but really Trump, why didn't you exempt VA and other critical services like disaster response?
Reinstated the gag order on federal support for developing nations - They will receive no assistance from US if they counsel abortion as an option or perform abortions (not just that they cannot use US money for those services, if they offer them at all, no money.) Result more abortions, more zika, more AIDs, less education, more maternal deaths.

From now on I will try to shut up about Trump on this blog.  I said 'try' DE Jurakan.

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