Saturday, March 29, 2014


The evidence is clear, and note that there are two batpoles, one for batman, the other for batboy (Robin).
Note that the poles are labeled with their non-bat names!
Inquiring minds need to know.
Dave Israel

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Century Village Garage Sale Sat March 29th.



8 AM TO 2 PM





For further info:  Sharon  561 246 1445

 Please print off and put on your bulletin board - Thanks!
S.V.P. installer sur le Tableau D'Information - Merci!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Des Bons Amis Online - Welcome

Parlez-vous fran├žais ?  
I took advantage of Google Chrome's built-in translation bar:

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Click Show advanced settings.
In the "Languages" section, use the "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read" checkbox to adjust this feature.

Look for the translation bar at the top of the page whenever you come across a page written in a language that isn't one of your preferred webpage languages. To translate the page, click Translate. To dismiss the translation bar without translating the page, click Nope.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

St Joseph Day Party

Once upon a time in a small village in Sicily (or Sussex CV) there were people who loved to sing, tell jokes, feast, especially on St Joseph's Day (small phone video).

Blurry Photos?

SmartDeblur do you have blurry photos? Now you have a chance to restore it. Just download SmartDeblur and open your photo – the rest will be done automatically.
It really works, my photo was taken at night - so it is blurred (little snapshot camera) then fixed (trial version)

TUES, APRIL 1, 2014 at the Property Manager Expo

Dear Florida Homeowner and Condo Owner:
This year's
PM-EXPO in West Palm Beach will be on Tuesday, April 1 from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. A lot to see and a lot to learn -- great seminars. Don't forget to visit our CCFJ booth and say "Hi"!
A lot of good seminars:
Eric Glazer's Board Member Certification Seminar, starting at 8:00 am, and Mitch Drimmer's class teaching "Collection Tactics" -- and many other interesting classes!

For more details like schedule, directions and how to make reservations for the seminars etc. please go to:
I hope to see you on TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 2014 at the PM Expo in West Palm Beach!  

South Florida Fairgrounds
9067 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33411 

Thanks to Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

8 AM TO 2 PM

 Please print off and put on your bulletin board - Thanks!
S.V.P. installer sur le Tableau D'Information - Merci!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Kinds of UCO Volunteers

1. If you want to gain experience, get the list of Open Meetings and GO. You can still provide knowledge, do research and contribute. (No application required)

2. Volunteers who put in fixed number of days work at UCO service tasks. Probably need to into UCO to talk about applying for these tasks.

3. Volunteers with experience and qualifications who apply to be voting members of committees. Here is link to application form
or see Interactive Forms on Part 1 Blog.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Why were pies 1/2 price in geeky states yesterday? 
not here?  Boo!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tour the Mounts Botanical Garden

"Senior Strolls and Stroller Struts"
1st Tuesdays and 3rd Thursdays * 10:00 a.m. 
Come and tour the Mounts Botanical Garden with us!
Meet new people and learn about the plants growing and blooming at Mounts. Meet at the front Garden entrance.

After the garden you may like the Boutique section of the Salvation Army next door on north side. Round out the day with a treasure.

Use a Crowdsourced Satellite Platform To Look For The Missing Malaysia Air Plane

Ever since Malaysia Air MH370 went missing, presumed crashed, everyone has been looking for the wreckage, in an effort to find out what happened. The trouble though is that the search area involved is vast, and combing the area will take a lot of time and a lot of manpower. Enter the power of crowdsourcing to help.
If you would like to volunteer your time to support the rescue mission, please visit DigitalGlobe’s Tomnod platform (click) to begin combing through satellite imagery for clues that may help locate the missing aircraft.

Connections are slow but very interesting.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DooWop, Country, and Doo Wop

Hello all,  Here are some dates of this going on at clubhouse.


WILL HAVE A 50/50. 
Blogger Frank Leggio said...
May God Bless our newly elected representatives with good health, and the capability to conduct themselves respectfully, professionally with the best interest for all... Warm Regards, Frank and Antonia Leggio..
God Bless America

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The CAM Reports

I've just read Ted Herrle's latest CAM report. I've said this before, but these reports are the best things since sliced bread. You not only get updated on the projects going on in the Village, but on their PROGRESS. If a project is delayed because two out of three contractors bidding on it have not quoted for exactly what you asked for, you hear about it. If the unavailability of replacement parts for the transponder machines is fast becoming an acute problem, you learn this. Ted's reports are not only informative; they also help squelch rumors before they get started and nip complaints in the bud.

Great job you are doing, Ted! 

GOT RICE Chinese/Vietnamese

Small eatery next to Starz in the Emporium Shoppes. I had Pho Chin, beef noodle soup w/well done brisket. The broth is cooked for over 12 hours, topped with scallions, onion, cilantro, w/a side of fresh sprouts, basil, jalapenos and lime wedges. Lots of noodles + a couple of sauces. I felt very satisfied but light Tra La!, and have enuf for tomorrow. I am definitely going back to try more dishes (no MSG) fresh and delicious.

Next time Pad Thai. The fortune was very uplifting.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Green Screen and More

Library System Unveils CreationStation
CreationStation, Palm Beach County’s first completely free and public digital media lab and recording studio, was unveiled at a special event on February 24 at the Main Library in West Palm Beach.
Our thespians are already green screening, but they might like a field trip.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sometimes the good guys win

7,584 thanks to:
Our delegates - Showing up to sit thru disruptions, finding the truth despite insults and scandal rumors, recognizing bullies, embracing freedom. Having faith in the right way for our village to move forward.
Our candidates – refusing to stoop to their opponents’ levels, giving us the benefit of their backbone, intelligence and experience -- and the humility to understand that serving is a privilege, not a place to turn hate on anyone who stands in their way. 
Sometimes the good guys win.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lift at Hastings

I rode the famous lift at Hastings, the trip was 1 1/2 minutes, I did not dehydrate, although the fountain at the base was not working.  

For Birdwatchers

There is a pair of sandhill cranes at the Hastings clubhouse, posing for pictures, they also like the Dorchester Secret Garden.  Pls do not feed them, they are moochers.  

Spring Forward

Friday, March 7, 2014

Esther Blown Away

Congratulations to winners, Dave must live right (of course he does). A superb group who will work together to bring CV forward.
Points to Olga for organization skills, BUT, well y'know (all that is past I hope).

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New hibiscus will be watered tonight

2pm map

Ten Things to Think About Before You Vote

This piece is so insightful and logical its worth saying again, thx AMD

1.     Was it a coincidence that the first lawsuit against UCO filed by Dave Israel’s opponents was filed hours after delegates defeated the recall against Dave by a vote of 161-4, and that we heard nothing (except that the plaintiffs wanted UCO to pay their legal costs) until the latest lawsuit was filed just in time for the Candidates Forum and the March 7 election?

2.   When people file serial lawsuits, disregarding the legal costs to all of us and the insurance premiums that will shoot up (or the carriers who will refuse to cover us because UCO has been sued yet again), why does a candidate for UCO President say, “That’s what insurance is for”? Leadership to call for solving problems in ways other than $5.4 million lawsuits is in order.

3.   If a candidate resorts to vicious accusations like referring to David as  “...just a “piece of human trash,” saying he would have “sold his fellow Jews down the river,” and does not speak out against supporters’ blog posts, like David “is bringing back the Third Reich” and David must be “taken down,”  won’t she govern in the same way?  

4.   On his worst day, David never resorted to religion-tinged taunts or threats. Neither did his supporters.

5.   Five years of study and several years on UCO committees and the Executive Board before David felt prepared to run for office doesn’t compare to a few books and docs on your desk for reference if you’ve never served in UCO at all.

6.   Facts matter. County engineers inspected the paving of the roads  –and the paving passed inspection. David has apologized many times for remaining trouble areas but opponents’ accusations ignore the inspections or denigrate the results.

7.   Hiring PBSO to be sure a potentially explosive budget meeting did not get out of hand isn’t exactly “Gestapo” tactics using “armed guards.”  Many delegates said it was the most productive meeting we’ve had in years.  For Dave’s opponents, PBSO is wrong, the County is wrong, UCO is wrong. Doesn’t leave much room for collaboration and positive thinking.

8.   A candidate who makes a sarcastic comment about David’s post-911 service (…”while you were out saving the world from 911”) insults the victims of 911 and anyone who used his or her skills to help track the perpetrators.

9.   Results matter. Savings to residents from reduced insurance premiums and the Comcast contract, balanced budgets, transparent bid processes, advanced business systems, UCO President’s meetings for input from association leaders, email notifications of minutes, meetings and events to 800 residents opting in, the foundation for Wi-Fi for Internet access at great savings, improved security and streamlined investigations, a record of coordination with state and County officials for the benefit of residents.  And he’s not done.

1.   Vision matters. Full implementation of W-Fi, a new infrastructure project to replace aging water pipes throughout the Village, a new foreclosure project to help associations recover funds -- big ideas for the future, not attacks on the past.

Please support Dave Israel and the slate of candidates he has endorsed.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


As elections approach I want to say that Dave Israel's high personal integrity is the bedrock of our village. He is not seen a great deal in public, he is not out glad handing, but we know he is there for endless hours in UCO and at Delegate meetings. To know him is to have the greatest confidence in anything with which he is associated. He helps every and all associations, mine would have been much poorer without Dave's advice. UCO staff appreciate his outstanding abilities and his willingness to assist with any and all tasks. The hate mail in the village and the malcontents that sue and harass UCO are appalling compared to Dave's honest and responsible character. Elaine Brown Sussex L
If you had worked with and for Dave for four years you would know this too.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


When is a retirement not a retirement?

In a very short while Dom Guarnagia's two-year term as UCO vice president will be coming to a close.

Did I say two years? Judging from the amount of work you and Kate have put into this Village, Dom, it seems as if it must have been a much longer time. I understand that you are running for the Executive Board, and—did I hear right?—you may continue working on some construction matters with our CAM? When is a retirement not a retirement? The answer: When you are a UCO volunteer and, most assuredly, when your name is Dom Guarnagia!

I hope you and Kate experience some relief now that your term is ending, Dom. And I hope you know this: There are a great many Century Village residents who appreciate all you have done for us.

In addition to your normal VP duties, you taught those excellent classes on maintenance and upkeep, complete with those handout sheets with your professionally-done color sketches. Our physical plant was your specialty, and how you took that in hand! We will not forget the yeoman work you did for many months (was it over a year?) in not only being a VP, but doing the work of a CAM while we were without one. Unfailingly courteous to all who came to you, you somehow did it all with a smile.

In the March Reporter, prefacing your article on “Things That Do Not Require Permitting” (which you DID suggest we cut out) you wrote: “Most of my articles are informational but in no way worthy of clipping out of the Reporter and keeping for future reference.” Not so, I think. “WERE worthy of being cut out and saved for future reference” is how I would put it.

Thank you, Dom, if I may say so, from a Village full of people much indebted to you.

Win or Lose Damage the Village

Riddle: Question, what is it that no man wants, but no man wants to lose?
Answer: A law suit!
What could be very expensive, make us uninsurable or raise our insurance rates, even if we win? Solomon & Karpf law suits.

Feeling nostalgic see for the above.

Vote for the Most Qualified Candidates .. not for obligation

Thanks for the Support and well wishes, " Phone Calls.".. Thank You...PLEASE  it is over...
Go back to voting for the Candidate of you choice,  before the Malcontent Blog Comments...
Funny how those malicious comments  brought me from unknown to much talked about  Exec. Bd. Candidate. Yet,  no mention about my qualities.     I know and you know I would have been an asset to the Board.  Anyway,  It is over... lets all settle down,  and do the correct thing on Election Day..for the benefit of  all Century Village...
Best Wishes and  Good Luck to all the qualified candidates....Warm Regards Frank Leggio

Monday, March 3, 2014

In Century Village UCO, Peace to People of Good Will

To My Friends, Family, and supporters, that have phoned my concerning the unmerited  bashing I have been receiving these last couple of days..  It is over, peace at last..
It all started when I attended a meeting for Candidate Mr. Edward Grossman, CPA.
My presents at this question and answer meeting, was misinterpreted  by Presidential Candidate, Ms. Esther Sutofsly,  presidential committee . I have attended several of these meets, for both sides, so that I could make and educated decision ..
If I have offended either side of the Candidates, by attending these meets, I whole heartily apologize.
 Having said that, I did expect an apology, for all the horrible things said about me in print...
Like I said,  It is over,  and we must forgive and join forces to improve and make our Beautiful Century Village a better place,  for all..

The following are the last posts to a peaceful ending....
Warm Regards, I Remain the unknown Exec Bd. Candidate Frank Leggio

Dear Frank,

You came to the Messinger Club meeting and asked to be put on our slate . You stated you were new in the village, not known hated David Israel. The following day we saw an article written by you on David's blog commenting how wonderful he was. This was a direct contradiction to what you told us at the meeting. We naturally felt you were playing tricks on us. If this is true, I stand by my comment. If it is not true, I apologize to you and will be happy to buy you an espresso with anisette and a touch of lemon.

Best regards,

Olga Caponigro Wolkenstein



  1. Dear Olga, Let's just end this right here..or maybe over that espresso with anisette and a touch of lemon.
    I went to that meeting to hear Ed Groosman, not to campaign for myself, I told every one I spoke with, that I felt I did not stand a chance to win, for lack of experience. Sorry if I was miss understood... and please, I don't. nor can I hate anyone.... I wish all the candidates the best of luck, and may the best person win... Peace at last, now I can go back to my corner and continue to be "HAPPILY UNKNOWN FOREVER'" I am retired and I intend to stay that way... Bye, Bye, Warm Regards, Frank

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why me!! Why me Esther ?? I am the unknown Exec Bd. Candidate, NOT THE GODFATHER

Esther, Esther, you refer to my "Boss" like in the God Father Movie..I am appalled to think a person in your position running for the highest office in Century Village would resort to name calling, (Tricky Dickster)
When you have a few free moments please feel free to explain that remark.

I was introduced to you by my "Boss"  while attending a question and answer meeting for
Edward Grossman CPA.  We were talking and I told you a little bit about myself..I told you I was running
for the Exec Bd..I also expressed my feeling of being unknown, and that I felt I would not win.  If that is what you call "begging" then I don't know what the word begging means .  I  also would like to know what I did to Dupe you and party.   You also make reference to David Isreal,  in connection with me,  I honestly hope you don't think he is my "Boss" and or he has the power to get me voted into the Exec Bd.
Oh, by the way you also don't have that power. So. by me  "Duping "  you or him, still wouldn't get me on the Exec. Bd.  Can you not see that?
So,  again, when you have a moment, clearly tell me what I did to offend you to merit such  a word bashing, and name calling.  Waiting to hear from you on the "Malcontent Blog".. of which I tried posting this three times without success...  Till then , Warm Regards, you college and running mate, Frank Leggio

Now; as for you Ms. Olga  Walkenstein,  My Dear  "Italian Comare"
What  is wrong with you??   You don't know me nor do I know you...  we have never met of spoken,  how can  you be ashamed of me for bringing  "Disgrace and Dishonor to your heritage"
Please be aware I am an American,  I am running for office in these United States of America.
I proudly served my country USA, in time of war, having said this.  now please tell me what was my deplorable behavior  ..  Did I rape, kill, rob, etc...  Who the blank..... are you  to say, I should never be allowed  to hold office in UCO, because I cannot be trusted.
FYI, if ever I have the power or the control of Century Village, (do to the low level of  candidates)
 (no offense to the good concerned officials) (you know who you are) for office this year, I will make sure Century Village will have outside paid management..

My Dear Sister in God,  Please go back to Italy, and  maybe you will succeed to bash those loving caring people, who also never harmed you... Warm Regars Frank Leggio
P.S.   Mention my winning name, and, you will receive a free cup of  cappuccino, to calm you down..Ciao
!!          Oh, yes, free coffee, without begging..!!..

FlipFlops and Six Months of Medications

What could it be  

Some of the follow-on songs look good for our thespians.

PB Outlets

The new mall is so close I expect the Transportation Cmte is getting creative. A mall trip could go twice, and back twice if people do not crowd onto the last return. There are signs that get you back to tour bus parking. Interesting that the hospital advertises in the food court.

Ready for an Accountant for Treasurer.

It was a pity some questions were unread at the Forum, ill health can strike anyone anytime
Here is one such question left out
QUESTION: Esther, on 12/24/13 you posted this blog entry:
“ … David Israel and Ed Black nearly bankrupted us.”
Could you please explain how Mr. Israel and Mr. Black nearly bankrupted us, especially since we’ve had 4 years of balanced budgets and clean audits, and we have never been in danger of not paying our bills. And please cite specific instances....
A: ElaineB answer - One scary number was arrived at by adding up all future bills and ignoring future income. Voila! Bankrupt with grandstanding and disruption.

I am so ready for a real accountant for Treasurer. Howard O'Brien has an excellent background and participates calmly and sensibly in UCO meetings.
Howard + Dave's slate will keep us in the green :-)

Note: for health reasons I do not read the MyVillage malcontent blog